12 Year Aged Premium Rum

12 Year Aged Premium Rum

12 Year Aged Premium Rum

100+ Awards & Accolades


PROFILE:Exceptionally smooth, mature & balanced, complex wood & spice

NOSE: Buttery oak, earthy notes, spicy dark chocolate
PALATE: Caramel, complex wood & spice notes, orange zest, tobacco hint
FINISH: Soft, structured buttery, peppery spice, hint of smoke

How to 12 Year: Keep it Real
• Sip neat or on the rocks – savvy choice solo or alongside appetizers or dessert.
• Go Vintage Bourbon/Whiskey style with an Old Fashioned, Sour or a Rumhattan.
• Stemware Cocktails get ritzy with an Old Cuban, Airmail or Daiquiri.
• Topshelf tropical Or float on punch or swizzle.
• Perfect Pairing in Coffee or Cocoa Cocktails or with Chocolate.
• Great Gifting or Celebration bottle

Aging Fun Fact: At the end of its maturation, The Real McCoy 12 Year may have as little as 36% left in the barrel. A Scotch whisky would need up to 64 years to reach the same amount of “angel’s share” evaporative loss and equivalent barrel interaction. See our Rum Geek page for more

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