The Real McCoy Rum


Fun Fact: In 2020, The Real McCoy became the first internationally-distributed U.S. brand to print Ingredients & Serving Facts on our label.

Ingredients: Barbados Spring Water, Rum...and time. Natural caramel color is added to the 5 & 12 year.

NO: Sweeteners, Perfumes, Flavorings, Artificial Colors,
Animal-based Clarifiers, Chemical Stabilizers, Mouthfeel Enhancers or Propylene Glycol.

Why Ingredients Matter

Turning flush from that cocktail? Waking up at 3am? Or just not living our best life the next day? Additives & sweeteners can be mild to severe allergens and/or contribute– a lot! --to hangovers. If we choose to drink, just like being informed & selective about our food choices, less is more. Drink clean, Drink Real.

See our Rum 101 page for more.

3 Year Aged Premium Rum

Tropical aging followed by single charcoal filtration to remove barrel color while maintaining complex flavor & aroma.
Perfect for ‘tinis or custom hard seltzers – savory, spicy, sweet or neat.

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5 Year Aged Premium Rum

Our flagship and a home bar staple.
Sip straight or in premium cocktails.

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12 Year Aged Premium Rum

authentic tropical bourbon barrel aging for a full 12 years – rivaling a fine whiskey.
Ideal straight sipper.

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