Is Rum Good To Drink Straight?

Jul 3, 2024

Yes, rum is lovely to drink straight!

Real rum is one of the most complex spirits to be enjoyed on it's own.  With so many different variations created in different places by different cultures all around the world, rum is an incredibly unique sipping experience.

- Of course it goes well in cocktails but try a unaged or lightly aged rum like The Real McCoy 3 Year to pick up peppery, fruity and bright effervescent notes.

- Aged rums like our 5 year old start to display caramel, oak and toffee notes due to the interaction with the wood cask (hello whiskey drinkers!)

- Super aged rums (12+ years) start to develop more deep and earthy complexity like tobacco and leather.

- The Jamaican dunder rums are funky, smoky, big and bold with notes of burnt rubber and overripe pineapple (if you're a fan of peated whiskeys...)

- Rhum Agricole, Clairin & Cachaça are grassy, spicy and vegetal (and delicious)


So many options, so little time - be sure to try your next sip neat!


For more info on rum, what it is, how it's made and much more you can explore our Rum 101 page or take a peek through the Cocktails and Communiqué blog.


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