In case of sudden urge for Juleps….

Jun 26, 2024

Strawberry Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe:

2 oz The Real McCoy 5 or 12 Year Aged Rum
.75 oz Simple Syrup*
6 - 10 Mint Leaves
1 Strawberry (halved, leaves removed)
Crushed Ice
Garnish: 1-2 springs mint &/or whole strawberry

Muddle mint leaves, strawberry & syrup in bottom of old fashioned glass until strawberry is nice&mushy. Add ‘Real McCoy, fill glass halfway with crushed ice, and stir to chill. Add more crushed ice until mounded in glass. Slap mint leaves to release oils and add to top of ice with strawberry. (Reusable metal) straw recommended for best sipping.

*Simple Syrup
Equal parts water and cane sugar heated in a small saucepan on med-low, stirring until sugar is dissolved.

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